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Self Match Surrogacy

Sep 23 2023

Are you Considering a Self Match Surrogacy?

Should I Self Match with a Gestational Carrier or Parents-to-be?   Pros, cons, and considerations What is a Self-match with a gestational carrier? Sometimes, the parents-to-be have a sibling, friend, co-worker, ...
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Emily stands with her two children and dog in front of a red barn

Jun 1 2021

Postpartum care advice from Emily

First-time gestational carrier Emily shares her advice on postpartum care. Emily was a first-time gestational carrier who delivered in April. We asked for her advice on postpartum care, how her ...
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Photo is of a husband giving his wife support while in labor.

May 20 2021

Q and A with Jeremaiah on being a supportive partner to a gestational carrier

Jeremaiah gives Megan emotional support during labor. When someone has a successful pregnancy and is interested in becoming a surrogate to help another family, their partner is a huge source ...
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Selfie of Erica who is wearing nurse's scrubs and a mask

May 5 2021

Why nurses are so important to Forward Fertility

Erica is one of the nurses who are on the front lines of healthcare and who is also a gestational carrier. Nurse’s week – A pretty flippin’ special week at ...
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Photo includes five men at a gathering of dads

Apr 29 2021

The importance of supportive partners

Partners play an essential in supporting gestational carriers and the families they help along the way. “You want to….. whaaaaat?????” If you’ve ever asked your partner about how they feel ...
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Nurse Pratitioner Christie Olsen is photographed laughing in her office.

Apr 1 2021

Application process to become a gestational carrier

Gestational carrier applicants contact surrogacy agencies when they want to learn more about the experience. Sometimes they are ready to match and get started ASAP! Whether you are learning more ...
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Photo is of a Zoom support call

Nov 23 2020

Support and Community – What sets Forward Fertility apart

Being a gestational carrier is not like your own pregnancies. There are medications, IVF clinics, legal documents, psychological evaluations, as well as excited, nervous, and curious parents-to-be! It's an experience ...
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Photo shows the inside contents of a hospital bag including clothing and snacks.

Aug 21 2020

Gestational Carrier Delivery Day Checklist

Hospital bags should include everything you need for a safe and comfortable delivery day. Packing your hospital bag for a delivery as a gestational carrier is similar to when you ...
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Photo of Amy Osgood

May 20 2020

Meet Amy Osgood – Coordinator at Forward Fertility

Meet Amy Osgood – Coordinator at Forward Fertility Amy Osgood has been working as a coordinator at Forward Fertility since September 2018.  Her warm smile, kind eyes, knowledge of the ...
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Photo of pregnant patient and smiling nurse

May 1 2020

Preeclampsia: what you need to know 

Know what preeclampsia symptoms to look for and keep in touch with your health care provider and Forward Fertility. May is preeclampsia awareness month. Being aware and alert to the ...
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