Support and Community – What sets Forward Fertility apart

Photo is of a Zoom support call

Carrier-to-carrier support continues even as we adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

Pre-COVID, Forward Fertility had monthly support meetups to build community among gestational carriers. While we’re no longer sharing meals together during the COVID crisis, the video calls we’ve had with Forward Fertility gestational carriers since March of 2020 have been really wonderful. One of the BEST things about our calls is that anyone can attend without the barriers of travel.

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Gestational Carrier Delivery Day Checklist

Photo shows the inside contents of a hospital bag including clothing and snacks.

Packing your hospital bag for a delivery as a gestational carrier is similar to when you went for your own children, with a few exceptions. Since you won’t have a newborn to care for, pay special attention to YOU.  Bring any little items that will bring you joy and comfort.

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Advice from carriers in the COVID-19 era – part two

Photo of Jessica who is pregnant, smiling and ready for delivery day.

Here’s part two of two Forward Fertility gestational carriers who shared their experience delivering a baby for intended parents during the COVID-19 crisis. They had lots to say about what went well and shared some pearls of wisdom for other carriers to get what they need while navigating changing hospital policies. 

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