The importance of supportive partners

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Partners play an essential in supporting gestational carriers and the families they help along the way.

“You want to….. whaaaaat?????”

If you’ve ever asked your partner about how they feel about you becoming a gestational carrier, this may have been the response you received.  

Just as gestational carriers go through an educational process (no, it’s not YOUR egg), your partner and support person will also need to go through their own educational experience to learn about the process and what it entails.

Part of the application process is the agency getting to know the carrier’s partner – what type of support will they provide? What concerns do they have? Some applicants will not end up proceeding if their partner is not truly on board. When candidates and their partners ARE on the same page, it makes moving forward easy.

Most carriers’ partners are primarily concerned about gestational carriers’ health and the “worst case” scenarios. They also realize that while their partner is pregnant, it will likely mean doing more tasks related to childcare and home care. 

Forward Fertility hears from many partners of carriers that they “know how much she wants to do this, and I really want to support her.” Even if partners may not fully understand the desire to be a gestational carrier, they DO know they want to be supportive of their partner.  

Partners have been critical in supporting gestational carriers and the families they help along the way.  Forward Fertility gives major thanks to the partners of gestational carriers. Your support means so much!


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