Every egg donor signs a legal contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the egg donor and the parents-to-be. The legal contract spells out the details of the donor's compensation.

Nationwide, the average compensation for egg donors is between $3500 and $7000. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the guiding organization for fertility care in the United States, suggests that justification should be made if donors are compensated more than $5000 and states it is unethical to compensate donors more than $10,000.

You are free to request a compensation rate above $5000 with a letter outlining your rationale. Some ethnic backgrounds are in very high demand and higher end compensation may be reasonable. Forward Fertility does follow the ASRM Guidenlines. All compensation is paid to the donor through an independent Escrow Agency.

For the reasons mentioned above, most donors are compensated between $4000-5000 per cycle. Each donor can complete a total of six egg donation cycles in their lifetime.

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