Why nurses are so important to Forward Fertility

Selfie of Erica who is wearing nurse's scrubs and a mask

Erica is one of the nurses who are on the front lines of healthcare and who is also a gestational carrier.

Nurse’s week – A pretty flippin’ special week at Forward Fertility.

Nurse’s week is always a big deal. Who doesn’t know at least one nurse? I bet it is not that hard to think of at least one nurse who is amazing and perhaps even changed your life for the better. 

Why are nurses EXTRA important to Forward Fertility?

Nurses at IVF clinics, OB-GYN offices, and hospitals take care of gestational carriers, egg donors, and parents-to-be who are expecting their baby via egg donation, surrogacy, or embryo donation. These nurses care for their patients with compassion and kindness. They are the ones who take that extra moment to comfort someone going through fertility treatment or to answer a mom-to-be’s questions about breast milk or the results of an anatomy scan. Nurses are changing lives and filling people’s hearts.

They are on the front lines during the coronavirus crisis.

Nurses are on the front lines with COVID. We all know this. They have put their own health AND the health of their families at risk by caring for patients during this pandemic. This is no joke. When you go to nursing school, you accept that you are going to be dealing with bedpans, bed sores, and pus. 

But most nurses did not sign up for wearing PPE that causes your skin to break out, makes it hard to breathe, and is literally protecting you from a virus that could make you ill for weeks at best or kill you? How can we begin to thank them? 

Give those nurses you know a big ole’ social distancing hug or high five! Maybe a gift card for dinner out? Order their groceries? Mow their lawn? Pay for Hulu Plus? Sidewalk chalk a big THANK YOU for them! Come up with a way to say thanks that suits you. It’s Nurses Appreciation Week and we should do at least ONE thing to say thanks.

Jen wears a mask and her t-shirt says "good vibes only"

Jen is a Forward Fertility client and a big advocate for surrogates who help parents-to-be.

They are also gestational carriers too.

Nurses who are also gestational carriers and egg donors. In fact, nurses, medical assistants, and Certified Nursing Assistants are often people who become egg donors or gestational carriers because they are the ‘helpers’ in our communities. These are the people who bring you banana bread when you move into the neighborhood. Or they offer to pick up your kiddo from soccer practice because you are running late. So, naturally, when someone needs help carrying a baby…they are the kinds of people who do that too.

So, hats off, pull out the red carpet, get out the applause meter. A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE and copious gratitude to the nurses who are also gestational carriers and or egg donors. These women are not Marvel or DC superheroes. They are Forward Fertility Superheroes and we say THANK YOU this week.


If you want to become a Forward Fertility Superhero, learn more about becoming a gestational carrier

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