Forward Fertility

Sep 8 2022

IVF Success: what is your chance?

Calculate your chance of a live birth if doing IVF. The Center for Disease Control tracks the IVF success rates for clinics across the country.  To help people understand their ...
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Apr 25 2022

Surrogates! You don’t need to transfer two embryos.

As Forward Fertility as your agency, our parents-to-be plan to transfer one embryo at a time. This is not always the case at every agency or IVF clinic. Why transfer ...
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Apr 21 2022

Be a surrogate. Understand your chance of success.

Whether you are trying to have a baby yourself or you are a surrogate helping a family form, many people don’t take the time or know how to  understand how ...
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Photo is of a woman's feet in the sand with a baby's feet on top of hers.

May 19 2021

Why I became a parent through egg donation

Working with an egg donor to move your dream of parenthood forward is a big decision. You may have already gone through many IVF cycles. Or maybe this is your ...
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Selfie of Erica who is wearing nurse's scrubs and a mask

May 5 2021

Why nurses are so important to Forward Fertility

Erica is one of the nurses who are on the front lines of healthcare and who is also a gestational carrier. Nurse’s week – A pretty flippin’ special week at ...
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Photo includes five men at a gathering of dads

Apr 29 2021

The importance of supportive partners

Partners play an essential in supporting gestational carriers and the families they help along the way. “You want to….. whaaaaat?????” If you’ve ever asked your partner about how they feel ...
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Nurse Pratitioner Christie Olsen is photographed laughing in her office.

Apr 1 2021

Application process to become a gestational carrier

Gestational carrier applicants contact surrogacy agencies when they want to learn more about the experience. Sometimes they are ready to match and get started ASAP! Whether you are learning more ...
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An infant smiles while being buckled into a car seat by a parent's hands

Jul 15 2020

Travel tips for parents-to-be

You can complete your surrogacy journey during a global pandemic and get home safely with your precious cargo and this advice from other parents. Forward Fertility works with domestic parents-to-be. ...
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Photo of Amy Osgood

May 20 2020

Meet Amy Osgood – Coordinator at Forward Fertility

Meet Amy Osgood – Coordinator at Forward Fertility Amy Osgood has been working as a coordinator at Forward Fertility since September 2018.  Her warm smile, kind eyes, knowledge of the ...
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Photo of Jessica who is pregnant, smiling and ready for delivery day.

Apr 22 2020

Advice from carriers in the COVID-19 era – part two

Gestational carriers like Jessica have advice for delivery day in a COVID-19 era. We talked to Stephanie and Jessica, two Forward Fertility gestational carriers, about their experience delivering a baby ...
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