Travel tips for parents-to-be

An infant smiles while being buckled into a car seat by a parent's hands

You can complete your surrogacy journey during a global pandemic and get home safely with your precious cargo and this advice from other parents.

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Advice from carriers in the COVID-19 era – part two

Photo of Jessica who is pregnant, smiling and ready for delivery day.

Here’s part two of two Forward Fertility gestational carriers who shared their experience delivering a baby for intended parents during the COVID-19 crisis. They had lots to say about what went well and shared some pearls of wisdom for other carriers to get what they need while navigating changing hospital policies. 

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How OBGYNs and health care providers can help women become gestational carriers

Image of Christie Olsen, Forward Fertility

Medical advancements have given parents-to-be more options, including partnering with gestational carriers. When medical professionals get questions from patients about their options for helping other families have a child, having a knowledgeable, available, and supportive agency involved ‘outside of the OB office’ can ease the process for the gestational carrier, the parents, and for doctors.

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