Surrogate Madison

Apr 25 2022

Surrogates! You don’t need to transfer two embryos.

As Forward Fertility as your agency, our parents-to-be plan to transfer one embryo at a time. This is not always the case at every agency or IVF clinic. Why transfer ...
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Nurse Pratitioner Christie Olsen is photographed laughing in her office.

Apr 1 2021

Application process to become a gestational carrier

Gestational carrier applicants contact surrogacy agencies when they want to learn more about the experience. Sometimes they are ready to match and get started ASAP! Whether you are learning more ...
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Amy talks to other gestational carriers over brunch in early 2020.

Jan 25 2021

What motivates a woman to be a gestational carrier?

Amy is among the Forward Fertility gestational carriers who are strongly motivated to help others. Photo taken at a surrogate meet up before the coronavirus outbreak. The most common reasons ...
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A couple meet with a gestational carrier in a coffee shop

Mar 24 2020

Matched but Not Pregnant: How to maintain your match in a COVID-19 world.

Many gestational carriers and parents-to-be began 2020 ready to embark on a project that would result in a healthy baby being born to excited parents. At Forward Fertility, pre-COVID, typically ...
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Feb 14 2020

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts on Delivery Day

These are the top 10 do’s and don’ts we’ve heard from previous Forward Fertility matches about the hospital and delivery experience.   A mix of small talk and silence is ...
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A baby with blue eyes looks into the distance with a soft smile on their face

May 16 2019

Jill and Matt’s update – celebrating Mother’s Day and parenthood in many forms

This month, Jill and Matt are celebrating their daughter's first birthday AND Mother's Day! We’re remembering last year when it was just 90 minutes before Mother’s Day when Anne, their ...
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Oct 15 2018

Mike’s update on single dad life, paternity leave lessons, and working with Forward Fertility

Mike is a Forward Fertility client whose story was featured on That story came out before his daughter was born in February and was an honest depiction of the ...
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Apr 6 2016

How Surrogacy Works, Free info session, Thurs, April 21

Since Fall of 2013, Forward Fertility has assisted in surrogacy and egg donor matches to help bring 25 babies into the world or on the way.  There are several other ...
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