Support and Community – What sets Forward Fertility apart

Being a gestational carrier is not like your own pregnancies. There are medications, IVF clinics, legal documents, psychological evaluations, as well as excited, nervous, and curious parents-to-be!

It’s an experience you have not had before. That’s why Forward Fertility is here for you every step of the way. 

As humans, when we go through a new experience, we look to others for social cues…….

  • How do I respond when the clinic gives me conflicting instructions? 
  • What do I do when the parent is asking me what I’m doing for Thanksgiving, regarding COVID? 
  • I’m scared about the finding on the ultrasound about the placenta.
  • I’m so excited to see the parents at the ultrasound – should I bring them a gift?
  • How do I tell my 7-year-old daughter the baby is not her little sister?

Pre-COVID, Forward Fertility had monthly “meetups.” We would meet at a restaurant, have a meal together, and discuss the ups and downs of the process. The carriers who attended these meetups felt a sense of community: it was a place they could ask questions, share a meal, and sometimes even get a break from bedtime! And, lots of good laughter was usually part of the evening.

Post COVID, the whole world has turned to ZOOM. While we’re not sharing meals, the Zoom calls we’ve had with Forward Fertility gestational carriers since March of 2020 have been really wonderful. One of the BEST things about the Zoom calls is the fact that anyone can attend. Some of the carriers who were not able to travel to the in-person meetups have now been able to participate. 

“I was rarely able to make the in-person meetups due to where I live, but have really enjoyed getting to hear the other women’s stories and share my own. These meetups have been a bright spot during COVID”

New carriers on our Zoom calls are joined by carriers who have done it before too! The wisdom of someone who has gone through the whole process is so nice to have. Someone who ‘knows what it’s like’ to have X, Y, or Z happen.

“So often, I think, ‘ugh’ another Zoom call, really? But, every time I join, I am always so glad I did. There is always something that comes up that I can relate to or helps me know the things I’m thinking and feeling are normal. Thank you so much.”

If you are considering working with a surrogacy agency as a parent-to-be or as a gestational carrier, ask them what type of ongoing support is provided to you. If they simply match you and then you ‘take it from there’, please explore other options. Surrogacy is complicated in a pre-COVID world. With the stress of the COVID crisis, extra support, guidance, and community is going to help you have a more positive experience all around.

“You are awesome. You do such a great job of facilitating a bunch of women who are going through all the feelings and emotions possible. The good. The bad. The scary. The best. All of them. (COVID, embryos splitting, placenta issues!) Your support is endless and outstanding. Just thought you should know. I really enjoyed jumping on the call tonight. Thanks!”

We’re making sure carrier-to-carrier support continues even as we adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.