Forward Fertility is Wisconsin's Surrogacy and Egg Donor expert.  We connect people in need of egg donors or gestational surrogates with well-qualified women who want to provide these helping hands.  Together, with Forward Fertility, we can work to achieve your dream of having a baby or help someone else do so.

Christie Olsen, a women's health nurse practitioner, owns and runs Forward Fertility.  She has 20+ years of experience in reproductive health care settings.  She ran the Egg Donor/Gestational Carrier program at an IVF clinic for 6 years. Christie started Forward Fertility in 2013 and more than 135 babies have been born since then. Forward Fertility is unique, as most egg donor and surrogacy agencies are not run by health care professionals.

You can trust the advice and count on the professionalism of Forward Fertility.

Parent to Be, Gestational Carrier, or Egg Donor: your well-being and satisfaction -- whether we are just getting to know each other or well past the delivery --is the top priority.  Navigating the intimate details involved in helping bring a baby into the world is not the place for large bureaucracies.  You deserve individualized attention and will never be a number with Forward Fertility.


Whether you are just starting to learn about the process of using a gestational surrogate or you are certain this is your plan, after reviewing the information on the website, contact Christie to discuss your desires, preferences, and ideal timeline. Contact Christie to schedule a free consultation to move your dream of parenthood forward.

I personally meet and interview every egg donor to ensure the donor clearly understands her role and is an exceptional candidate. I also request and review the donor’s medical records to corroborate her health history. Less than 10% of the applicants meet the criteria to be a Forward Fertility Egg Donor.  IQ testing, background checks, and additional information from the donor is available upon request.

Forward Fertility does anonymous egg donation.  However, with our forward thinking mission in mind, Forward Fertility takes the time to work with parents-to-be and egg donors who want to be known.  Alternately, Forward Fertility aids in recipients and donors establishing a private way to communicate anonymously, if desired, through the Donor Sibling Registry.

Many clients are in search of an egg donor and a surrogate. That is why Forward Fertility has both. We can also work with frozen eggs, if that is the route you are considering. As a business that aims to fulfill the needs of male couples or single men who are dreaming of becoming dads, providing both egg donors and gestational surrogates makes it easier for you. If fertility treatment is new to you, having Christie on your team to move your dream forward smoothly and efficiently will be one of the best choices you make.

Forward Fertility can customize a plan to make your cycle smooth. Maybe your co-worker or relative has generously offered to be your gestational surrogate. For many, this scenario is often comforting because it is someone you know and trust. It may also make surrogacy more affordable. Christie can provide the objective and direct guidance about how to proceed and can help maintain a professional voice along the way. Contact Christie with the details of your situation and she can help you get your treatment moving forward!

Whether you located embryos online or through a friend, there are certain legal and medical steps to obtain the embryos, protect your legal status, and prepare for their transfer. Other factors to consider are embryo quality and FDA infectious disease testing requirements. Christie will help you navigate the process. Each family receiving embryos has a situation that is unlike the other, so please contact Christie. She can customize a plan and help you navigate the details so your embryo transfer can happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.


As part of the mission of Forward Fertility to educate men and women about their reproductive resources, Christie will meet with your group (large or small) to discuss a fertility topic of interest to you.  Mom’s groups, PFLAG monthly meeting, Ob/Gyn Offices, Sororities.

Topics could include:  secondary infertility, menstrual cycle 101, contraceptive options, IVF; what exactly is it?, family building options for gay and lesbian couples, and more.

Contact Christie today to discuss how her experience and expertise in reproductive health might be useful to your group.

If you have embryos from an IVF cycle and are unsure what to do, starting here is a good idea. After all you have been through to have embryos, you may not have even considered what you would do if you had too many. It is estimated there are over 800,000 frozen embryos in the United States. Many of them have been abandoned by their previous owners, to avoid paying storage bills.

While deciding what to do with your embryos can be a big decision, the good news is, you have options.
Disposition options include: donating embryos to stem-cell research, donating embryos so someone else can try to become pregnant, or disposing of the embryos in the way you desire.

If you are part of a couple, many couples Christie has met with do not agree on the same choice for their embryos. Learning more about each option is a good starting point. Christie is here to connect you to resources so you

  • know about your options AND
  • can take concrete steps to carry out your decision

Whether you and your partner have decided to take the steps toward motherhood and will be using donor sperm, or you have not found the right partner, but know in your heart you want to be a mom, start here. Christie has met with dozens of women in your position to discuss Donor Sperm 101. Sperm is not the best word to Google, and why not have a face to face conversation with someone who has experience helping women get pregnant with donor sperm. Use the Contact Page to share your situation or just pick up the phone and call Christie directly.

For $80, you will receive a 90 minute one on one in person session that includes:
a roadmap (all options, possible tests to discuss with your health care provider, local resources for attorneys/midwifes/acupuncture, and tips on the process) and unlimited roadside assistance (phone calls/emails with Christie) for your journey to parenthood using donor sperm.
Preferably the meeting is at the Forward Fertility office, but can occur via video call or phone, too.

Having worked in an IVF clinic for six years, Christie understands how important it is for egg donor and surrogacy agencies to work well with clinic staff. As a busy nurse or receptionist, you want the egg donor, surrogate, and her agency to be an asset to you; not a liability. Christie has the experience, passion, and work ethic to make your experience with Forward Fertility egg donors and surrogates one that will leave you wondering why you ever worked with another agency.

Other services Forward Fertility can provide to your staff or patients:
~ Resource for embryo donation: if you have a patient interested in receiving or donating embryos, Christie can inform, direct, connect, and assist you or your patient with the resources necessary to donate or receive those embryos.
~ Patient considering egg donation or surrogacy: Have them contact Christie to discuss an overview of egg donation and surrogacy.
~ Ob/GYN Offices: Looking for an engaging, informative speaker for a short in-service? Christie will come in to share up to date information about IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation, Family Building options for gay and lesbian couples, and more.


If you are considering egg donation – thank you. Without women like you, about 10,000 recipients each year in the United States would need to turn to other options for having a child. Choosing to be an egg donor is something you should weigh carefully and it is not for every person. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Forward Fertility.
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Surrogacy is for those women who loved being pregnant, had healthy pregnancies, and are healthy now. You may be just the right person to help a couple achieve their dream of parenthood.
Rewarding Opportunities for Gestational Surrogates