Gestational Carrier Delivery Day Checklist

Photo shows the inside contents of a hospital bag including clothing and snacks.

Hospital bags should include everything you need for a safe and comfortable delivery day.

Packing your hospital bag for a delivery as a gestational carrier is similar to when you went for your own children, with a few exceptions.

Since you won’t have a newborn to care for, pay special attention to YOU.  Bring any little items that will bring you joy and comfort.



♥ Nightgown

♥ Bathrobe

♥ Slippers

♥ Non-slip socks

♥ Loose & comfortable clothing to wear home

♥ Maternity underwear

♥ Maternity bra (or pumping bra)



♥ Phone and charger

♥ Tablet

♥ Camera

♥ Headphones or ear buds

♥ Portable speaker with playlist

♥ Small fan

♥ Noise machine



♥ Granola Bars

♥ Trail Mix

♥ Sweet treats

♥ Lozenges



♥ Pre-Birth Order

♥ Birth Plan

♥ Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney

♥ Photo ID

♥ Insurance card



♥ Feminine pads

♥ Soft toilet paper

♥ Toothpaste and toothbrush

♥ Hairbrush

♥ Shampoo & conditioner

♥ Body wash

♥ Body lotion

♥ Lip balm

♥ Headband or hair ties

♥ Eyeglasses & contact supplies



♥ Book

♥ Word finds or puzzle books

♥ Pen and Notepad

♥ Pillow

♥ Blanket

♥ Breast pump & supplies

♥ Some carriers have also valued posting a simple sign on their door to avoid the “Where’s the baby?” confusion that might come with the food service, nurses, clergy, doctors, or housekeeping staff who will be coming and going in and out of your room.


Do you have a must-have item for your delivery-day bag? Visit Forward Fertility on Facebook and let us know! We support clients in many ways, including sharing the wisdom of experienced carriers.