Postpartum care advice from Emily

Emily stands with her two children and dog in front of a red barn

First-time gestational carrier Emily shares her advice on postpartum care.

Emily was a first-time gestational carrier who delivered in April. We asked for her advice on postpartum care, how her experience was different as a surrogate, and why letting go of control on delivery day was helpful.

Q. How has the postpartum experience been different as a gestational surrogate compared to having your own children?

A. A lot easier! Not having a newborn to care for while recovering is a blessing. Knowing that the little guy I carried is safe and in the hands of his parents is so comforting.

Q. What have you found to be helpful during your postpartum period?

A. I was able to have a lot of time to say “goodbye” to my little surro baby. Not that I had any doubt at all with the dads but it was great to see them in action.

Q. How did you feel supported or best supported during this postpartum time?

A. I was very lucky to have such an amazing support person. My fiancé was able to take the time to be there at home for a couple days as well.

Q. Any recommendations for carriers that will be delivering?

A. Be as open and accepting to the fact that what you or the intended parents have in mind for a “perfect” delivery most likely most likely be thrown out the window. It was so helpful going into the delivery knowing that most of it was out of my control.

Q. How has your postpartum journey differed from what you expected?

A. I was expecting my recovery from a C-section to take longer than it has. I’m still not 100 percent but I feel great!


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