Here are a few words from egg donors, surrogates, and former patients that Christie has worked with previously. They share their thoughts on the experience they had, their decision making processes, and what it is like to work with Christie.

If you are interested in working with Forward Fertility and would like to speak with someone who has previously worked with Christie or Forward Fertility, please reach out to make that request.


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Christie during my donor egg cycles. She is professional and organized and informative. Christie is personable and make patients feel comfortable during the entire process. Using donor eggs was the best thing for our family and it didn’t seem strange to be carrying embryos that didn’t come from my eggs. It still gave me a chance to carry the babies to term and create a close connection to them without feeling like they weren’t from me. To have brought two wonderful children into the world through donor eggs cycles is truly a blessing we cherish every day.”— Anonymous Parent of two healthy children through Egg Donation

“Over the past few years, my husband and I have endured multiple infertility treatments which have ultimately led us to IVF via egg donor. After discovering that I was not producing many mature eggs and going through several heartbreaking pregnancy losses, we “just knew” when it was the right decision to move on to using an egg donor. Through it all, we have developed a strong relationship with Christie, and we are extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
Christie has been an incredible resource and advocate. She took the time to review and discuss the egg donors with us; her involvement definitely helped us decide which donor to choose. We were reassured knowing that Christie met with the donors individually and would inform them of what the process entailed. She always went above and beyond and would call or email, even on her day off, just to check in on how we were doing…..we always felt like she was rooting for us to succeed.
Infertility is difficult for anyone that has to go through it; however, we couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and caring person to help us along the way!”— Jill and Matt

“Dear Christie, What can we say? Your kindness, professionalism, advocacy, and empathy have made all of the difference in the world in our journey toward parenthood. Thank you for all you have done to make our experience, as two men, a saner, more positive, and manageable one. We feel so lucky to have “S” in our lives and to have met you along the way.Anyone lucky enough to work with you through Forward Fertility will be happy they did so. We are sending positive thoughts and wishes of success for your new business and all your future clients.”— M&H, with baby S


“I have always enjoyed working with Christie and she has really been an inspiration to me especially as I enter the nursing profession myself. She is very passionate about the work she does and is always willing to do what she can in order to make the process run smoothly. I truly believe that aside from the wonderful feeling of being able to help other people, my experience with Christie is what has made me come back to donate multiple times. I would not trade this amazing experience for anything.”

“Christie was very kind and genuine about the way she spoke with me about the reality of risk but also about the experience she and her team had with the process. Christie explained ever step of the cycle to me.I believe part of the reason Christie and I communicated so well is because she does not take the know-it-all doctor approach with people. Christie treated me like a real person, worthy of talking to in an honest and caring way. She is not loud or too fast with her instructions but is calm and reassuring. I would work wit her again and would recommend my friends to work with her because she comes across as a real person and that is nice.”


“Dear, Christie — I hope you realize what an incredible blessing you are on so many lives. You may not always get all the thank yous you deserve because you get to work with everyone during the stressful — emotional — crazy time. You are amazing through all of that and what is created in the end with your guidance is a miracle. Always remember that. The difference between you and the other agency I worked with is that you actually stick around and are here for us through the trials and turmoils instead of MIA once we are pregnant! Thank you”

“I decided to be a Surrogate Mother in 2006, after friends had fertility problems and I could see the pain and longing they had been through trying to conceive a baby on their own. I already had a healthy 2 year old child, with a great pregnancy and delivery that was problem and pain free. I loved being pregnant! In 2007 I delivered a healthy baby boy for a wonderful couple as a Gestational Surrogate. We created a very close bond, and are in contact all the time, treating each other like family.My husband and I had another beautiful baby of our own in 2009.In September 2012 I delivered a set of full-term boy/girl twins for my cousin and his wife. I was their Gestational Surrogate as my cousin’s wife could not carry her own children. They came to me just asking questions about Surrogates, and of course I offered to be their carrier! I had such a great pregnancy with the twins, I started my journey to become a Surrogate Mother for the 3rd time before they were even delivered.

As a Gestational Surrogate you go into the process knowing that you are only there to help grow the baby, and then lovingly hand them over to their awaiting parents as you have no genetic ties to them. There is no greater gift than seeing the glow on their face while holding their baby for the first time.

With the twins, we worked closely with Christie at the fertility clinic. It was always great to come in for my appointments and see her smiling face. She is the type of person you can feel comfortable with and ask any questions you may have as she has great knowledge about surrogacy and fertility treatment. I know you will love working with her, too.”

“My passion for wanting to pursue the surrogate process started about 4 1/2 years ago when I was talking with a customer at my job. He was talking to me about my pregnancy [I was pregnant at the time] and then he told me that he and his wife were expecting. He went on to tell me about how they ended up having to find a surrogate in a different state and explained the process to me. It was at that moment that I thought to myself, “what an honorable gift to be able to give to someone!”That night I went home and told my husband that I would love to [be a gestational surrogate] for someone. As usual – he thought I was crazy! But after processing it and talking further about it he agreed. I had no idea who or how to do something like this so I just sat on the idea. Skip forward two years and I have been a surrogate for a friend of a friend.I pray that this will work out for her [the mom-to-be] because she deserves to be a parent in whatever fashion it comes in. Every day I am thankful for the healthy children I was blessed with and would love to help someone obtain that same gift!!”