Why I became a parent through egg donation

Working with an egg donor to move your dream of parenthood forward is a big decision. You may have already gone through many IVF cycles. Or maybe this is your first attempt with fertility treatment. Here is some of the advice one mother would share with other parents-to-be who are considering working with an egg donor.

Photo is of a woman's feet in the sand with a baby's feet on top of hers.

Choosing to become a parent through egg donation can be a difficult choice, especially when you’re facing infertility. But for one woman, her dreams of becoming a parent couldn’t have happened without her egg donor.

Q. Though our egg donors are anonymous, what message would you send to her if you could?

A. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to make our dream of a family come true.


Q. Tell us about your experience with having a baby born via egg donation.

A. Truthfully, after all the struggle with infertility it’s very nerve wracking going through the process of pregnancy via egg donation and not knowing if it will be a “smooth” process or how your body will react. Having a baby via egg donation is more mentally taxing than physically.


Q. How did you decide to work with an egg donor?

A. It’s a very hard decision, especially hard for us women because society tells us “women should have babies.. you have to grow your family, etc.”  The first process is to reconcile and forgive yourself. It’s not your fault that you cannot have children. Some of us are given a bunch of lemons all at once and we truly have to go above the “norm” to make some lemonade.


Q. What advice would you give to other Forward Fertility clients who may be thinking of working with an egg donor?

A. My advice: take time to process all the information and have meaningful conversations with your spouse. Make sure the both of you are on the same page during the entire process. You will need your spouse to hold your hand and be your support throughout this journey


Q. Any other thoughts or advice for other families?

A. Is it worth it? YES! Having a healthy baby to call your own, someone to call you “mom” is worth it! I’m still on the struggle bus with having a baby who is super fussy, but when I see the interaction between my husband and my baby, it makes all my struggles worth it.


Forward Fertility takes great care in the screening process of our egg donors. Learn more about how to become an egg donor through Forward Fertility, or learn how we match parents-to-be with donors.

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