IVF Success: what is your chance?

Calculate your chance of a live birth if doing IVF.

The Center for Disease Control tracks the IVF success rates for clinics across the country.  To help people understand their personal chance of success, they have put together a calculator that is easy to use!

For parents-to-be, this is critical information for you to understand before you spend tens of thousands of dollars making embryos.

For surrogates or gestational carriers, you may want to learn more about the chance of success you will have, if you match with a particular parent. Obviously, this is only part of the decision in making a match.

Because Forward Fertility works with clinics, parents, embryos, and surrogates who have a great chance of success, 73% of our surrogates in 2021 and 2022 have had a baby or have an ongoing pregnancy. 60% of those surrogates conceived on the first try.

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Calculate your Chance of a Live Birth using IVF.

Click here to go to the CDC website for the IVF Success calculator!

Modify the Variables that impact your IVF Success.

We know that age and weight can impact the chance of IVF success.  Generally, the success rate goes down as we age.  And, when patients are on the very thin or very heavy side of weight, the success rates also decline.  The calculator can modify your age and weight – helping you understand how waiting a few years will change your chance of IVF success or how getting to your ideal body weight will impact your chance of success.  These modifications might tell you, “hey, it’s worth waiting a year or two to get to your ideal weight”.  Or, you might learn, each month you wait to do the IVF cycle, greatly impacts your chance of success.

Talk with your Healthcare Provider about IVF Success.

Talk with your IVF physician about your results form this calculator so they can provide additional information to you, helping you make the best choice possible.