Same-sex parents

An infant smiles while being buckled into a car seat by a parent's hands

Jul 15 2020

Travel tips for parents-to-be

You can complete your surrogacy journey during a global pandemic and get home safely with your precious cargo and this advice from other parents. Forward Fertility works with domestic parents-to-be. ...
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Jun 4 2019

What type of families might need a gestational carrier?

For parents-to-be, surrogacy can be a gateway to a dream. It can also mean facing an incredible financial expense or the emotional struggle of not carrying their own baby. Most ...
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Oct 15 2018

Mike’s update on single dad life, paternity leave lessons, and working with Forward Fertility

Mike is a Forward Fertility client whose story was featured on That story came out before his daughter was born in February and was an honest depiction of the ...
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Jul 30 2018

Madison dads’ story featured in Wisconsin State Journal

Improved options for fertility treatments and having children was in the spotlight in this July 22 article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Journalist David Wahlberg spoke to parents, fertility clinic ...
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