How pregnant women are staying healthy during the coronavirus outbreak

Image is a rendering of a microscopic virus

At Forward Fertility, we’ve been able to help women have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries since we were founded in 2013. While the outbreak of the coronavirus is a deep cause for concern for us and our clients, there is some preliminary good news about how pregnant women are taking steps to stay healthy and safe.

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How OBGYNs and health care providers can help women become gestational carriers

Image of Christie Olsen, Forward Fertility

Medical advancements have given parents-to-be more options, including partnering with gestational carriers. When medical professionals get questions from patients about their options for helping other families have a child, having a knowledgeable, available, and supportive agency involved ‘outside of the OB office’ can ease the process for the gestational carrier, the parents, and for doctors.

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