What type of families might need a gestational carrier?

For parents-to-be, surrogacy can be a gateway to a dream. It can also mean facing an incredible financial expense or the emotional struggle of not carrying their own baby.

Most clients using surrogacy fall into one of the following categories:

  • Women who have had repeat miscarriages
  • A woman who has Asherman’s Syndrome, a condition characterized by having adhesions or scar tissue inside the uterus
  • Male couples or single men, who have created embryos with an egg donor
  • A woman with a previous hysterectomy or endometrial ablation
  • A woman who has a medical condition that is not compatible with pregnancy (clotting disorder, cancer survivor, some autoimmune disorders, etc.)
  • Clients who have had multiple, unexplained, failed IVF attempts


At Forward Fertility, navigating the process of matching parents-to-be with gestational carriers is done with kindness, patience, and great attention to detail. For answers to common questions about being a gestational carrier, visit Forward Fertility’s FAQ page.