Madison dads’ story featured in Wisconsin State Journal

Improved options for fertility treatments and having children was in the spotlight in this July 22 article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Journalist David Wahlberg spoke to parents, fertility clinic staff and to Forward Fertility to learn about local services that are helping families grow.

The story included a profile of Steven and Matthew Indra of Madison and their son Hugo, who was born in March after they connected with an egg donor and a gestational carrier through Forward Fertility who used IVF services at Wisconsin Fertility Institute.

On a recent day, the boy wiggled with delight inside a colorful teepee-like tent in the family’s living room. He is biologically related to Steven Indra, an emergency room doctor at St. Mary’s Hospital and other area hospitals.

The couple, who got married in 2014, considered adoption but wanted a biological child.

In fact, they hoped for two. IVF initially produced 10 embryos, five with sperm from Steven, 41, and five from Matthew, 32. They were planning to implant one of each, but only two embryos remained viable, both from Steven.

Both were used, but only one developed. The couple found their gestational carrier, from Eau Claire, through Forward Fertility, a Madison agency through which they also selected their egg donor.

With about $13,000 in legal fees, $36,000 for IVF and medications, and $70,000 for the egg donor and gestational carrier, the expenses quickly added up.

But, “it was definitely worth it, and then some,” Steven Indra said. “Having a child we get to raise is priceless.”

Matthew Indra, who worked as a nurse at UW Hospital before staying home with Hugo, said he is enjoying the challenges and rewards of fatherhood.

“You’re never going to be the best parent ever,” he said. “You just love him and do the best you can.”


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