Q and A with Travis on being a supportive partner to a gestational carrier

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Partners like Travis are an important source of support for gestational carriers.

When someone has a successful pregnancy and is interested in becoming a surrogate to help another family, their partner is a huge source of support for that decision. We talked to some of the partners of Forward Fertility’s gestational carriers to ask them about their role, the questions they had during the process, and what they learned. 

Travis’ partner, Katie, delivered at the end of 2019 and they are working on their second journey to help another family grow.

Q. What was your initial reaction when Katie mentioned surrogacy and what questions did you have (i.e. safety, compensation, insurance, etc.)? 

A. My initial reaction was that I was very hesitant about it. I guess I just really didn’t understand it all. I thought it was going to be Katie’s egg, so a part of her. I didn’t like that idea. Once Katie explained it more to me and her thoughts on it, I became way more comfortable and open to the idea. I knew she could handle anything and I wasn’t worried. 

Q. How did you provide support to Katie during the process (application process, matching, transfer, pregnancy, delivery, post-partum)?

A. I was always there if she needed to talk about any part of the process. I was also a voice of reasoning at times. Katie is very easy going and will let people walk all over her just to make them happy. I had to step in a few times when I felt like she was getting overwhelmed with things but wouldn’t say anything to others about how she felt. Katie also had a c-section for the first time during the journey so I took off time from work after the delivery to help her out while she was recovering.

Q. What did you enjoy or learn during the process?

A. The best part of the process was the amazing ending. Seeing my wife make another couple a family. It is still awesome to keep in touch and get updates and pictures. 

Q. Was the surrogacy journey different from what you expected?

A. The surrogacy journey was a little different than I expected. The process to get there took much longer than I expected. All the paperwork and legal work then the medications all before even an embryo transfer. 

Q. What insight or words of wisdom do you have for a partner/support person starting this process?

A. It’s an amazing experience and it makes you look at your wife or significant other in a different light. It is truly amazing what they can do. I am very happy we went through the journey and would stand by her side all the way through if she does it again! 


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