Gestational Carrier Compensation

Forward Fertility has set base compensation rates for the gestational surrogates, based on national averages. You deserve competitive compensation and haggling over it with the parents-to-be is not the way to start such an important relationship. As a gestational surrogate, you will be able to indicate your preferred compensation for additional events or expenses that may come up during the process (c-section, invasive procedure, etc.). Your compensation request becomes part of your profile and is viewed by the parents-to-be before you meet.

If you are in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, or Minnesota) and want to be a gestational surrogate, you'll want to check out working with Forward Fertility before you choose a different agency.

There is no financial incentive for you to work with some huge national agency that won't be there for you when you need them.


Competitive compensation and top notch support is all part of working with Forward Fertility.

First Time Gestational Carrier Compensation:: $33,000 [$31,000 base + cycle start + monthly stipend]

Second Time Gestational Carrier Compensation: $37,000 [$35,000 base + cycle start + monthly stipend]

Third Time Gestational Carrier Compensation: $42,000 [$40,000 base + cycle start + monthly stipend]

Additional compensation for multiples, C-section, maternity clothing, procedures, etc. is in addition to the base pay.

Other items such as travel, life insurance policy, insurance premiums/co-pays, and lost wages are  reimbursed per actual cost.

Ultimately, all details related to compensation are outlined in the Legal Contract you sign with the parents-to-be. All compensation and reimbursements are managed through an escrow agency separate from Forward Fertility.