Start 2015 Talking…to someone who knows what it’s like.

Talking to your pet about fertility

Have you ever felt like your pet is the best listener when it comes to talking about fertility?

Whether you are considering starting a family and not sure about which direction to take or maybe you’ve started treatments and they are taking longer or different paths than you’d planned.

Not to diss the dog, but did you know there are real humans in Madison, Wisconsin who are here to listen and share?  No, it’s not a Fertility 12-step program or therapy.  It’s just a place to get those thoughts, ideas, and questions, out into the world in a safe, supportive place.

Bring a friend. Heck, send a friend so he or she can be a better listener!   At any rate, come join me, Christie Olsen – nurse practitioner & founder of Forward Fertility, LLC, on Thursday, January 8th and again on Thursday, February 5th at 8pm.  Sorry, no pets allowed!

Date: 1/8/2015 (usually it’s the First Thursday of the month — but New Year’s Day took that spot!)

Time: 8:00-9:00 pm

Location: 911 Williamson Street Madison, Wisc. ~ A Place to Be

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