Curious about surrogacy? Meet current surrogates and learn about the process!

All things Surrogacy October 4, 2014

All things Surrogacy October 4, 2014

“I loved being pregnant.” “I enjoy helping others.” For the women who feel this way, many of them consider surrogacy. While surrogacy is becoming more common, it is still a process that most people know very few details about! For example, did you know that you are not genetically related to the baby, as a gestational surrogate? Or, did you know you get to choose the family you work with? Compensation starts at $24,000?

Of course, you can learn about surrogacy online in a chat room or maybe watch a Lifetime movie, but for such a big decision – talking face to face with an expert and women who are currently surrogates for others is an amazing opportunity not to miss!

Forward Fertility is a progressive, nurse-practitioner run company, based right here in Madison, Wisc and will be hosting a free, information session about surrogacy at Happy Bambino [4116 Monona Drive, Madison], October 4th from 12pm -2pm.

Learn about the application process, the legal protections set in place, how you select the family you want to work with, and what type of compensation you receive. Current surrogates who are matched with couples will be on hand to answer questions and share their experience.

Even if you’re just curious or perhaps you’re certain surrogacy is for you – all are welcome to learn about one of the many ways families are forming these days and how amazing women across Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois are helping them do so! RSVP is appreciated:, but not required. Questions welcomed by email or by calling 608-217-7511.