A Conversation About Fertility ~ Madison, Thursday, September 4, 2014

Does parenthood seem just out of reach?

Does parenthood seem just out of reach?

Forward Fertility is proud to moderate the monthly “Conversation About Fertility.”  It’s each month – first Thursday of the month and it’s held at 911 Williamson Street [A Place to Be].

Please join in Thursday, September 4th @ 8pm!

In August, we had a great turn out and discussion of various options, the paths people are taking, the joys and the pitfalls.  Participants shared advice (watch out what type of lubricant you are using) and asked questions.  Tears were shed.  Supportive nods were given.  Some people spoke about their fertility journey to someone other than their partner for the first time. Ever.

Whether you have gone through fertility treatments and are now just ready to start processing what that experience is/was like, you want to connect with others who ‘get it’, you’re simply interested in learning more, or you want to connect with others about your fertility, but not hear “relax…it’ll happen”, then come join the conversation at 8pm, September 4th, 2014 @ 911 Williamson Street in Madison, Wisc.

All are welcome.  Free event.  Donations welcomed and go directly toward the venue.

Moderated by Christie Olsen – an ob/gyn nurse practitioner and the founder of Forward Fertility, based in Madison, Wisc.

Inquiries welcomed (608-217-7511 or christie@forwardfertility.com).  If you can’t make September’s get together, mark your calendar for October 2nd, 8pm -?