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How Surrogacy Works information session – Appleton, November 3

August 3, 2018

Join Forward Fertility for a free, public information session about how to become a gestational surrogate.

Saturday, November 3, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Appleton Public Library, 225 N Oneida St.

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Madison dads’ story featured in Wisconsin State Journal

July 30, 2018

Improved options for fertility treatments and having children was in the spotlight in this July 22 article in the Wisconsin State Journal. Journalist David Wahlberg spoke to parents, fertility clinic staff and to Forward Fertility to learn about local services that are helping families grow. The story included a profile of Steven and Matthew Indra of Madison and their son Hugo, who was born in March after they connected with an egg donor and a gestational carrier through Forward Fertility who used IVF services at Wisconsin Fertility Institute. On a recent day, the boy wiggled with delight inside a colorful…

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How OBGYNs and health care providers can help women become gestational carriers

July 24, 2018

Medical advancements have given parents-to-be more options, including partnering with gestational carriers. When medical professionals get questions from patients about their options for helping other families have a child, having a knowledgeable, available, and supportive agency involved ‘outside of the OB office’ can ease the process for the gestational carrier, the parents, and for doctors.

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How Surrogacy Works, Free Info Session, Sunday, May 1st

April 6, 2016

How could YOU help make someone’s dream of parenthood come true?  Wondering what it’s like and want to hear about another surrogate’s experience? Maybe you know you are interested, but your partner isn’t so sure….

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How Surrogacy Works, Free info session, Thurs, April 21

April 6, 2016

Since Fall of 2013, Forward Fertility has assisted in surrogacy and egg donor matches to help bring 25 babies into the world or on the way.  There are several other potential matches currently in the process of working on the same goal!

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How Surrogacy Works – September 26, 12:30-2:30pm

September 3, 2015

Come join Christie Olsen, the nurse practitioner and founder of Forward Fertility on Saturday, September 26th from 12:30-2:30 at Happy Bambino in Madison, Wisconsin for an information session and discussion about surrogacy.

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“No one feels alone while going through fertility treatment.”

March 27, 2015

You’ve probably heard it. What a ridiculous statement! It fits right in with, ‘relax’ and ‘just adopt.’  The truth is, forming your family can be  complicated – where do you start? when do you stop? how do you know when to move on to the next treatment?  The expenses! Let’s talk about it.

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It’s on your mind — why not talk about it??

February 23, 2015

“We just made the decision to move on to working with an egg donor — based on the fact it will give us the best chance of success of actually having a baby.”

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Have you ever considered being a surrogate, but not sure what’s involved??

February 18, 2015

Each Spring and each Fall, Christie Olsen, the nurse practitioner and founder of Forward Fertility offers a free information session for women interested in learning more about gestational surrogacy.

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Start 2015 Talking…to someone who knows what it’s like.

January 7, 2015

Have you ever felt like your pet is the best listener when it comes to talking about fertility?

Whether you are considering starting a family and not sure about which direction to take or maybe you’ve started treatments and they are taking longer or different paths than you’d planned.

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