James and Kate smile at a restaurant

Q and A with James on being a supportive partner to a gestational carrier

September 29, 2020

When someone has a successful pregnancy and is interested in becoming a surrogate to help another family, their partner is a huge source of support for that decision. We talked to James, one of the partners of Forward Fertility’s gestational carriers, about his role and the questions he had during the process.

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Photo: breastmilk is bagged and stored in a freezer

Neonatal Intensive Care – hopeful and helpful tips to be prepared

September 24, 2020

No one plans to have their baby admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. With gestational carriers, the likelihood of this happening is lower due to careful selection of candidates. However, even when ‘everything looks good’ for gestational carrier candidates, NICU admissions can occur. Here are tips to help during NICU visits.

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Photo is of a book called What Makes a Baby

Advice from a Forward Fertility egg donor

September 22, 2020

Our egg donors are anonymous, but one five-time donor shared her experience with the process and some of her wisdom for others considering egg donation. 

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Anne uses gallon bags for organizing milk.

Guest blog: pro-tips on exclusively pumping milk

September 12, 2020

Guest blogger, Anne, a two-time gestational carrier with Forward Fertility, shares her detailed pro-tips on exclusively pumping. These tips are good for ANY woman who is pumping breastmilk! They are tried and true.

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Photo includes five men at a gathering of dads

The importance of supportive partners

September 1, 2020

Partners play an essential role in supporting gestational carriers and the families they help along the way.

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Photo shows the inside contents of a hospital bag including clothing and snacks.

Gestational Carrier Delivery Day Checklist

August 21, 2020

Packing your hospital bag for a delivery as a gestational carrier is similar to when you went for your own children, with a few exceptions. Since you won’t have a newborn to care for, pay special attention to YOU.  Bring any little items that will bring you joy and comfort.

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An infant smiles while being buckled into a car seat by a parent's hands

Travel tips for parents-to-be

July 15, 2020

You can complete your surrogacy journey during a global pandemic and get home safely with your precious cargo and this advice from other parents.

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Photo of Amy Osgood

Meet Amy Osgood – Coordinator at Forward Fertility

May 20, 2020

Amy has been working as a coordinator at Forward Fertility since September 2018. Her warm smile, kind eyes, knowledge of the health care system, desire to help others, and kindness are what stood out at the beginning…

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Photo of Amy who is a nurse and a gestational carrier

Why nurses are so important to Forward Fertility

May 6, 2020

Nurses not only help women who are egg donors or gestational carriers… they are likely to also be surrogates for others. This is why we love nurses at Forward Fertility.

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Photo of pregnant patient and smiling nurse

Preeclampsia: what you need to know 

May 1, 2020

May is preeclampsia awareness month. Being aware and alert to the early and subtle signs of preeclampsia will keep you and the baby healthy.

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