Parents to Be, egg donors, gestational surrogates, or anyone who has arrived at this website to learn more about surrogacy, egg donation, and Forward Fertility.

Forward Fertility is about
~ moving dreams of parenthood forward
~ using thoughtful, forward thinking
~  providing genuine, respectful, and straightforward care

There are many reasons why someone or a couple cannot conceive. For two men, it is anatomy. For straight couples it can be a combination of factors or no identifiable cause. For single people, one or more pieces of the equation are missing. Whatever the reason, conceiving your child through egg donation, gestational surrogacy, sperm donation, embryo donation or some combination of all three can be a complicated, daunting task. This task often takes an emotional toll on you as a person or your relationship as a couple. You want to come out of the process with as little physical, emotional, and financial stress as possible. Forward Fertility can help you achieve that goal.

Not every family grows in the same way and not every treatment cycle is the same. Having worked with thousands of clients from diverse backgrounds going through fertility struggles, I have experiences that help future couples have the best possible experience they can. I see the gray in life and my flexibility is an asset as we embark on your unique journey to build your own family.

My experience with hundreds of egg donor, surrogate, sperm donor, and embryo donation cycles as a nurse practitioner in a fertility clinic illustrated how these options can bring out the best in humans. I started Forward Fertility to continue this work, reaching more people and setting high standards for the service provided.

If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable, hard-working person to assist you in egg donation, gestational surrogacy, conceiving via donor sperm, embryo donation or embryo receiving, you have come to the right place. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you achieve your dreams and goals.

More About Christie

I have worked in the field of reproductive health care with men and women since 1997. I completed my undergraduate at Santa Clara University and moved to San Francisco after a two month trip to Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. In the Bay Area, I worked as a health educator at Planned Parenthood. Inspired by nurse practitioners, I returned to nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania where I completed my bachelor's degree in nursing and a master's degree, with a specialty in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

I moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 2002. But, before I started my work as a nurse practitioner, I decided to solidify my Spanish speaking ability, spending 10 weeks in Cuenca, Ecuador living with a family and volunteering at a women's clinic. Upon my return to Madison, I started work as a sexual assault nurse examiner at Meriter Hospital Emergency Department and a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

In 2007, Wisconsin Fertility Institute opened in Middleton, Wisconsin and I took the opportunity to pivot towards a new direction in reproductive health care. In my role at this brand new clinic, I started the Third Party Reproduction Program -- including the egg donor program, embryo donation program, as well as a true and gestational carrier service. The egg donor program grew to be the largest in Wisconsin.

In 2013, I decided to share my passion and experience with more clients and IVF clinics. Forward Fertility began.

2016 UPDATE: In March of 2016, Forward Fertility turned three.  Here are a few of the highlights!

  • With twenty-five babies born or in utero, Forward Fertility has had an amazing start to what will hopefully be a long existence.
  • Clients have been from 10 different states, about 40% of the clients have been same sex male couples or single men.
  • Forward Fertility is on the preferred agency list at one of the top IVF clinics in the country.
  • All parents have gotten their names on the birth certificates.
  • The monthly surrogate meet ups have been an invaluable source of support for surrogates past, present, and future.
  • Three out of the first five surrogates who worked with Forward Fertility are pursuing a second surrogacy journey with Forward Fertility.

My son asked me the other day why I became a nurse practitioner. I explained to him that I devoted my career to women's health because I have always felt that health is the foundation of our well-being. As part of my philosophy, I also believe all people want to thrive and to be the best person they possibly can. If you have your health, you are better equipped to excel and reach your goals. This philosophy also relates to fertility treatment. When each person involved (the surrogate, her partner, the egg donor, or the parent-to-be) has a healthy, low stress, grounded experience going through fertility treatment, it can yield a limitless results: A burst of empowerment, confidence, relief, elation, calm, and/or gratitude. Each of these consequences will have limitless possibilities beyond the treatment itself and irrespective of the actual treatment outcome.

In general, I would describe myself as a warm and genuine person. I am loyal and a people person. I like to laugh and try to see the humor in things. I enjoy good food and can be picky about my coffee. I love the outdoors and usually travel to Montana each summer. I tend to see the gray in life. Among many, three things I find enjoyable are: whistling, Scrabble, and playing pool, although people who know me can vouch that I'm not that great at any of them. I believe most people on earth are good. I find great satisfaction in working hard.

I welcome your interest in Forward Fertility and hope I have the honor to work with you as you move your dreams forward, whatever they may be.