Who should apply to be a gestational carrier with Forward Fertility?

Apply to be a gestational carrier with Forward Fertility

A mom enjoys a moment with her son who is touching her pregnant belly.

Gestational carriers enjoyed being pregnant, are healthy, and have a strong desire to help families facing infertility or cannot otherwise have a baby on their own.

Gestational carriers (also called surrogates or gestational surrogates) are women who enjoyed being pregnant, are healthy, and who have a strong desire to help families facing infertility or cannot otherwise have a baby on their own.

Carriers must have a good support network, which often includes a supportive partner. Some gestational carriers are stay-at-home moms, while others have full-time jobs. Many gestational carriers are nurses, teachers, daycare providers, medical assistants, lab/ultrasound/x-ray techs, or work in customer service.

Gestational carriers are compensated for the time they spend and the risk they take on for being pregnant. As of 2021, compensation with Forward Fertility is at least $31,000.

Apply with Forward Fertility if you want to:

  • get the support of an agency to meet with parents-to-be in person before you make a match official
  • have monthly meetups with other gestational carriers
  • have a dedicated contact person to support your surrogacy agreement from start to finish – Forward Fertility’s founder is a women’s health nurse practitioner
  • transfer only one embryo at a time – Forward Fertility works with IVF clinics that have very good success rates and our  clients are prepared to transfer one embryo at a time
  • match with a couple who has chromosomally tested embryos – ninety-seven percent of the parents-to-be have completed comprehensive chromosomal screening on their embryos, reducing the chance of the pregnancy having a chromosomal abnormality
  • Work with a domestic couple – Forward Fertility’s clients are not international

Specific requirements include:

  • good physical and mental health
  • living in a stable environment, including financial and emotional stability
  • 21 to 39 years old
  • being a parent to your own child or children
  • previous healthy pregnancies of your own
  • no more than two previous C-sections
  • no more than five previous deliveries
  • willing to take medications (oral, patches, vaginal and/or injections) for several weeks
  • non-smoker and NO exposure to second-hand smoke
  • must abstain from alcohol, drugs, and make lifestyle modifications as requested
  • having a healthy body mass index (BMI), ideally less than 30, some clinics will work with a BMI of up to 32
  • Taking precautions to prevent getting COVID.  Many parents-to-be are hoping to match with a gestational carrier who has been vaccinated, although this is not a requirement.

In addition, if you are in a relationship, your partner must be supportive of your decision, willing and able to complete infectious disease testing and psychological assessments, and sign legal contracts.

Christie can usually answer the “do I qualify” question with you fairly quickly. Set up a time to talk with Forward Fertility by calling 608-217-7511 or complete a short screening questionnaire.

For answers to common questions about being a gestational carrier, visit Forward Fertility’s FAQ page.