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Some gestational carrier applications go slowly and others are quick. It’s a partnership and not a race.

Becoming a gestational carrier is something most people think very deeply about for a long period of time before they decide to proceed. Once you’ve decided you are interested and are ready to apply…. what should you expect?

At Forward Fertility, the application process can be completed in as little time as a few weeks or it can take longer if you prefer to go at a slower pace.

Either way, these are the components to complete:

  • Easy, online application.
  • Phone call with Nurse Practitioner Christie Olsen.
  • Gather documentation: pay stubs, driver’s license, medical records, health insurance information, and a form completed by your OB-GYN provider indicating you’re a good candidate for a subsequent pregnancy.
  • Zoom call: you and your partner (if applicable) connect with Christie Olsen for a video call to discuss the details, process, compensation, matching process, and more.
  • Background check: you (and your partner, if applicable) will have a criminal, civil, and driving background check completed.
  • In-person meeting:  With COVID-19 precautions in place, Christie Olsen, the nurse practitioner will come to your home for a 10-15 minute in person meeting complete with mask and hand sanitizer. It’s so nice to know where you live and connect face to face.
  • Psychological evaluation: Due to COVID precautions, the psychological evaluation will be done via video call. You’ll discuss your motivation for being a carrier, your support system, and also your own preferences for a match.

Forward Fertility then has your medical records and psychological consultation pre-reviewed by an IVF clinic so the parents-to-be also have reassurance that your medical history is adequate for proceeding as a carrier.

At this point, your profile is created and can be shared with the parents-to-be and vice versa.

In nearly all cases, the parents and carrier will match after the match meeting! Most carriers will deliver between 12 and 20 months of the match meeting, with the majority getting pregnant on the first try.

Forward Fertility is here for you every step of the way. If you have questions about the process, just ask. Contact us online or by phone at 608.217.7511.


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