The rewards of surrogacy are great. However, carrying a pregnancy for someone else comes with serious responsibility as well. Maturity, excellent communication skills, emotional stability and a flexible schedule that allows for required medical visits are all necessary. While you do not need to have a partner, you must have a committed support network of family, friends, and colleagues to provide help along the way.

Being pregnant does have risks and you must be willing to accept those risks for you and your family. Being pregnant as a gestational carrier for other people has special emotional and psychological challenges and it is important for you to weigh these as well.

The most common reasons why women become gestational carriers include:

  • Many women become gestational carriers after someone they know struggled with fertility. Seeing how difficult infertility can be leads them to help others.
  • Most gestational carrier applicants LOVED being pregnant, but are done with growing their own family. Why not help others?
  • Many women love being moms and want others to have the chance to experience parenthood, too.
  • Some stay at home moms love the ability to earn income and continue caring for their children.
  • For most gestational carriers, they also appreciate the supplemental compensation to help their family achieve their goals of buying a home, paying off student loans, or going on a special vacation. If the financial compensation is your only motivation, being a gestational carrier is probably not ideal fo you!
  • Some gestational carriers want to help gay men become dads as an act of justice and equality.

With each gestational carrier applicant, Forward Fertility strives to create the best match with a couple in need. Knowing yourself is a critical first step toward that goal.

For answers to common questions about being a gestational carrier, visit Forward Fertility’s FAQ page: